One Word, Two Ways


farrellI know this is probably a funny thing to post on a blog, however, lately  I have been stressed about communicating through technology. During the week, I feel like I am constantly on screens. There are times when I have at least 15 people I have been texting with throughout the day. I am delighted to be connected to all of the people I love, though these conversations do not fulfill me nearly as much as real human interaction.

I am certainly guilty of avoiding real conversation and using a text or chat when, in reality, the person deserves at least a phone call from me. We all do. We communicate more and more with each other, but in the end it makes you feel really lonely.

As I have said before, the weekends have been a test for me to take a break from all of my screens and live in real life. So far my research has shown that it is nearly impossible for me to do.


Have you listened to Beck’s new album, Morning Phase?  If not, it’s really good and I’d recommend you go ahead and give it a full listen.  This song, “Blue Moon,” seems to be the one that’s getting most heavily promoted off the bat.  Perhaps it is because of the universality of its opening lyric, “I’m so tired of being alone.”  Perhaps not.  Either way, you can’t really deny the power of belting out those words.  Hell, Al Green’s masterpiece by that title never ceases to provide the sounds for a good ol’ self-pity session while simultaneously putting a little pep in your step.  Of course there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.  Many, many wonderful things can arise out of the time one spends alone.  So for those of you thinking to yourself, man, what I wouldn’t do for a little alone time, I wish you some personal space.  And for those of you whose alone-ness is creeping towards lonely, I wish you peace, patience and a proactive spirit.  As they say, we’re all in this together!




Sometimes there is nothing better than scrolling the internet for interior inspiration.  Well lit, lofty spaces and cozy corners give way to a thousand futures I might have.




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Here is a little room inspiration for you homies:


(Image found here)

Uhhh, yes please!

Uhhh, yes please!

(Image found here)

Awesome day bed

Awesome day bed

(Image found here)




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break in character
break in time
clicking, clocking
wasted mind

bluest movies
trips unknown
other lifetimes
supine mine

empty spaces
shattered thoughts
silent measures
twisted clocks

krista tippit
dorothy day
swinging sweetly
artistic play

revisions, edits
altar alters




I need a break from screens. Send me your favorite book recommendations!

Lately I have been flying through books. As you may know, I read in spurts. When those spurts hit, I feel ravenous to dive into one book after another. I just re-read Clean Gut (since I am on day 8) and finished Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Both were very informative and reflective, but I want a story. A story that I feel lost in.


lauren1 poetry in motion The New York MTA has an ongoing “Poetry in Motion” series on the subway that I quite enjoy.  As to be expected, I like some of the poems better than others and feel genuinely excited when I’m on a train that has one of my favorites posted.  Apparently the program rolls out two new poems each quarter.  This one above feels particularly special because of its accompanied illustration of a flying white horse, which has special meaning in our family.  Below are my other two favorites.

poetry in motion

poetry in motion

IMG_6726 IMG_6727 IMG_6728 IMG_6731



I have been noticing a lot of things on my walks around my neighborhood.

IMG_6803 IMG_6814 IMG_6816 IMG_6825 IMG_6815 IMG_6829IMG_6823 IMG_6820lauren1


There is a mother sitting with her arm around her son.  She’s tapping a beat with her hand and her feet, while he’s absorbed in his video game.  One seat away is a pretty girl with long hair, reading a hard cover book.  I can’t tell if she’s with the guy sitting next to her.  They look like they go together but they aren’t really interacting so it’s hard to say.  From the end of the car comes an overpowering conversation in Spanish.  The volume makes me think it’s a fight but, in fact, it may just be a topic of passion.  Another young girl is knitting; a first timer with instructions on her lap.  Everyone else has headphones in their ears or is playing on their phone, minus the newest passenger with the orange scarf and orange hat, and the guy reading David Sedaris’ Naked at the end of the row seat. The energy is calm and people’s movement and speed convey that it’s a Saturday.  To my right a woman dressed like a urban outdoorsmen opens and refolds her New York Times.  We arrive at Delancey Street; I exit and walk toward the sounds of station performers singing out, “…people all over the world, join hands, start a love train, love train…”

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