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lauren1 poetry in motion The New York MTA has an ongoing “Poetry in Motion” series on the subway that I quite enjoy.  As to be expected, I like some of the poems better than others and feel genuinely excited when I’m on a train that has one of my favorites posted.  Apparently the program rolls out two new poems each quarter.  This one above feels particularly special because of its accompanied illustration of a flying white horse, which has special meaning in our family.  Below are my other two favorites.

poetry in motion

poetry in motion

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I have been noticing a lot of things on my walks around my neighborhood.

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There is a mother sitting with her arm around her son.  She’s tapping a beat with her hand and her feet, while he’s absorbed in his video game.  One seat away is a pretty girl with long hair, reading a hard cover book.  I can’t tell if she’s with the guy sitting next to her.  They look like they go together but they aren’t really interacting so it’s hard to say.  From the end of the car comes an overpowering conversation in Spanish.  The volume makes me think it’s a fight but, in fact, it may just be a topic of passion.  Another young girl is knitting; a first timer with instructions on her lap.  Everyone else has headphones in their ears or is playing on their phone, minus the newest passenger with the orange scarf and orange hat, and the guy reading David Sedaris’ Naked at the end of the row seat. The energy is calm and people’s movement and speed convey that it’s a Saturday.  To my right a woman dressed like a urban outdoorsmen opens and refolds her New York Times.  We arrive at Delancey Street; I exit and walk toward the sounds of station performers singing out, “…people all over the world, join hands, start a love train, love train…”



sunaid foods sugar packet 3

A few months ago I was doing some research on online museums and discovered the site Obsessionistas, at which collectors showcase their collections online.  It’s a really interesting site full of all sorts of unexpected collections but a few of my favorites that happen to have a vintage twist include*:

Do Not Disturb Door Signs 

5 hotel dnd signs_edited-2-2

Vintage Lighters


Mid-Century Clocks

FPmetgreen 600x400px

There are so many other interesting collections.  Check them out!

*Click through pictures to see the full collections


I am so fortunate to have a mother that saves cool things. Here are some of my favorite items that she has passed down to me.

image (2) image (1) image


GIF_Grace_Kelly_kids_run (1) I stumbled on this wonderful PBS video series yesterday called “Blank on Blank: Famous Names, Lost Interviews.”  These short, illustrated videos cover topics such as Grace Kelly on JFK, Kurt Cobain on Identity and Fidel Castro, the Lost Interview.  There are two seasons worth of episodes and I highly suggest you check out the site for many others!


I have been known to ask a lot of questions in my day. I am not sure what that is all about. Is it a nervous thing? A curious thing? A fun thing? I am not sure really. All I know is I like to find out about people. I like to know what they are actually like instead of waiting for years to break down their walls.

So, as you can guess, I have taken to listening to interviews. Most recently, I listened to an interview with one of my favorite comedians, Will Ferrell, by Marc Moran (who I feel kind of whatever about).

To listen, click here.


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I recently started reading “The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World.”  The first part of the book focuses on the theory of gifts and goes into a lot of gift giving practices of various ancient tribal cultures.  I’m only just starting to wrap my head around some of the ideas being presented and thought this concept (and implicit nod to imbalance) was pretty interesting: “Partners in barter talk and talk until they strike a balance, but the gift is given in silence.”



There can be no good without evil,
So that, we say, is that.
Does it follow that there
Can be no evil without
No sadness without happiness;
No hate without love;
No dark without light;
No despair without hope;
No wrong without right;
No yin without yang?
Must we forgo positives
To extinguish all negatives?
To do without effort;
To want without attachment.
To live without dying?

-Taoist Poem


farrellI found this guide on how to make wine a couple weeks ago and I think I might try it myself. I have been pretty allergic to red wine for a couple of years now. Maybe if I make my own, I can actually drink it! I like when it says, “wait for years..” at the end!

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lauren1 photoI’m sure I’ve posted it before but this is a message I come back to over and over again.  The desire to be guided so often comes with a certain level of anxiety (for me anyway).  I like that these words convey calmness as well as a recognition that everything is a process.



In honor of all the art enthusiasts who have gathered at Art Basel Miami this weekend, I thought I’d select a few of my favorite Dan Flavin works with fluorescent tubes.  I was actually unfamiliar with Dan Flavin until reading this New Yorker article about art dealing on my way home from LA last week.  The article profiled art dealer David Zwirner who explained, “One of the reasons there’s so much talk about money [in the art world] is that it’s so much easier to talk about than the art.”





I miss New York much more than I ever anticipated.



We’ve been doing a weekly One Word, Two Ways series since the start of Sister Disco.  We keep a compilation of the series as one of the site’s header pages but thought it might be fun to share it with you as a post today.  Click though any of the words below, if you’re so inclined, to check out the post related to that word!


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