One Word, Two Ways: Jingle

Every week we choose a word and each base a post off that word. This week’s word is Jingle.

I went to a bachelorette party over the summer in Mystic, CT. The weekend was a total blast and we were able to fit so much into just two days. One of these things was an impromptu stop at this incredibly alluring shop called MINE.

(photo via Mine)

More than your typical vintage/antique shop, MINE also offered an array of crystals and a number of other unexpected finds. The owner of the shop, Michael Walsh, was so friendly and engaging and only added to the overall appeal of the experience. Though I didn’t go into MINE with the intention of really buying anything, I ended up coming away with three incredibly clutch items.

1. Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. I & II on vinyl
2. A fools gold pendant
3. An antique bell I wear as a necklace and feel so happy when in jingles with my every step.

(photo via Pinterest)

We are in India!  I can’t believe I’m back here after just seven months.  It all might sound very cliche, but ever since I walked into the ashram this time around I have been hearing the chorus to this song in my head over and over.  There are moments when I am in my meditation and the sounds in the song jingle across my brain. It all feels very epic at moments here.  So, I thought I would give you a taste of my mood with this video. Plus, this song is the jam.

Happy Saturday and, as my big brother would say, take it easy 😉

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