One Word, Two Ways: Smile

Every week, as part of our One Word, Two Ways series, we pick a word and each base a post off that word.  This week, the word is Smile.

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This used to be the background picture on my computer. I was going through a pretty hard time and looking for pick-me-ups wherever I could find them. I just can’t look at the grin on this man’s face without cracking up a little and immediately feeling my mood improve

(Photo via here)

I have noticed lately that I can sometimes be a jerk to strangers. I think it is a mixture of living in NYC and being tired of people hustling me.  On our trip, people are always staring at me and on a bad day, your Insecurities can really get the best of you.  At times, I find myself feeling defensive and glaring back.

But since arriving in Cambodia, I have taken a new approach which is making me infinitely happier.  I constantly smile.  At first it can feel like a cheesy thing, but it always leaves me genuinely smiling.  I have ended up talking to more people and having better days because of it.

Instead of ignoring people asking you if you want to buy something every second, just looking them in the eyes and smile.  Annie was right when she said, “You are never fully dressed without a smile.”  The days will feel brighter because you did.

  1. Love it all… smile on 🙂 I do find that a smile is my best accessory, no matter what I wear or where I may be in the world. It’s the very least we can offer another person.

  2. Farrell said:


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