One Word, Two Ways: Fantastic



Sleeping flamingo

(Sleeping flamingo via here)

Those who know me, know that I am a huge fan of sleeping. I went to this fantastic holistic practitioner earlier this week and ever since I have been feeling incredibly in-tune with what my body is asking me for. Sleep/rest/slowing down are definitely up there!  For any of you who live in New York, I would love to tell you more about this woman/experience.  It was super powerful and I would recommend her to anyone.



(Image found here)

I gotta say – life is pretty fantastic right now. I am loving LA. I just got a new job that I love. My little brother and his fiance live down the street. I am healthy. There are so many things and people to celebrate. I am safe. All areas in my life are covered and full of positivity. I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that things are pretty fantastic right now.


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