Wow, can you believe it’s already almost mid-December?!  This month is flying by and heading full speed ahead into the holidays.  We hope that you are enjoying the season.  Here are a few bits and pieces of our weekends.


Lauren – Cleveland, OH

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Friday lunch at the West Side Market

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Santa outside our grandmother’s house

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Packing up after my last flea of the year


Farrell, Los Angeles, CA


Watching O for the weekend


Reading the final draft of Albert’s screenplay, Caballo Blanco


Quick beach trip on Sunday morning

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend.  Our family had a change of plans and everyone ended up in Cleveland which was a nice and unexpected way to spend the weekend.  Here’s some of what we did:


Lauren – Cleveland, OH


Saturday night at the Cavs game


Taking a moment before dessert


Cleveland’s Terminal Tower in red and green


Farrell – Denver, CO & Cleveland, OH


Cook Thanksgiving in Boulder, CO


Driving through a winter wonderland


A Saturday trip to Lenscrafters.

Happy almost-Thanksgiving!  We are both getting ready to head out of town for the holiday but before that happens, here’s a bit of what our weekends looked like:


Farrell – Los Angeles, CA



Finally finished this awesome book. It left me feeling very inspired.


Finally finished this awesome book.  It left me feeling very inspired.


Look book shoot with this sweet girl.  Check out her youtube channel here.


Lauren – Cleveland, OH


My krytonite

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Celebrating batch‘s one-year anniversary.  If you’re in the Cleveland area, check them out.  Small batch cookie dough, sold frozen so all you have to do is cut, bake a serve.  And the flavors are delicious!


Sunday night sunset

Welcome to a brand new week.  Here’s a look at some photos from our weekend:


Farrell – Los Angeles, CA



Still loving Big Magic!


Blastin’ some tunes

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Painting pottery with my girlfriends


Lauren – New York, NY


FullSizeRender (70)

Warm weather and fall colors

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Classical concert at National Sawdust in Williamsburg, BK

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Getting serious with some home improvements

We hope everyone had an awesome Halloween weekend! Here are this week’s pics:


Farrell – Los Angeles, CA



Laguna Beach work session


Meeting Dr. Mark Hyman


West Hollywood Carnival


Lauren – Portland & Fryeburg, Maine

FullSizeRender (67)

Oyster lunch in Portland

FullSizeRender (66)

The path to the sweetest outdoor wedding ceremony setting I ever did see.

IMG_2813 (1)

Love and friendship

After a few months hiatus, we’re back! And better than ever! Let’s get things started with some pictures from the weekend:


Farrell – Los Angeles, CA


FullSizeRender (3)

Celebrating 10 years with this guy

FullSizeRender (2)

Painting class for Dad’s birthday

FullSizeRender (1)

Gloomy Sundayz


Lauren – New York, NY


Ghost world in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Ghost world in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Pink lady on the subway

Pink lady on the subway

Gamelan Urban Sanctuary @ The Chimney NYC

Gamelan Urban Sanctuary @ The Chimney NYC

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