One Word, Two Ways: Exposed

(image via here)

For the past few days I have been thinking about my blog life.  I don’t think it was ever our (the sisters disco) intention to have a blog diary.  In fact, I don’t think Lauren and I ever intended for our blog to be very personal. We wanted this to be a place of inspiration for each other and anyone else who was interested. For our love of each other, maybe more than for the love of the blog, I have been posting throughout our trip. Maybe it’s because we are about to return home or because we have reached gloomy weather, but I feel like a bit of an ass. Who am I to post these posts? Who even wants to read about me? Are they judging me? I am just asking for judgement. As I type this though, I am realizing that I am projecting all my own insecurities onto you, the reader. I guess I am just asking for silent support because I feel like the transition home might be hard and I’ll need a smile or two from you, whoever you are.

(Multiple exposure photography by Mori via Pinterest)

Guys, big news over here. I got a new camera. I’ve never had a nice camera nor been exposed to even the basics of photography. I am so excited to start playing with it & can’t wait to use more of my own photos for upcoming posts.

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