One Word, Two Ways: Homemade

Every week we pick a word and each do a post on that word. This week: Homemade.

I don’t know what it is but I’m falling hard for this latest neon trend.  I can’t seem to get enough, which is actually not true at all, as I think it only take a little pop to make the neon vibrance known.  I’ve been seeing a lot of homemade/DIY inspiration for ways to bring just the right amount into your life.  These are some of my favorites from around the www.

Neon Piper Throw Pillows / Neon Toe ShoesDIY Neon Canvas Mousepad Neon Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Hey ya’lI!  I went to my first Texas wedding last weekend and I loved it! My friend Sarah, the lovely bride featured below, added so many creative and thoughtful touches to her wedding day. Guess what?! They are ALL homemade.

Sarah made banners that said CAKE, MARRIED, GUESTS and FOREVER AND A DAY that hung throughout the venue. They added such a darling and personal touch.

The bride is also a baker by trade and made the cake for the wedding. This wonderful dessert was  apple spice layered with honey leche white cake. But here is the real kicker – at the rehearsal dinner the bride and groom asked everyone to decorate the cake. Here is the result:

Though she did not make the china by hand, Sarah spent months collecting antique plates and mason jars. If you look closely, you can see that she wrapped the mason jars in old lace that belonged to her grandmother.

Sarah wore her family friend’s wedding dress on her special day. Not only was the dress gorgeous and a perfect fit, but Sarah had an after dinner cocktail-ish dress made from the train of her wedding dress. Is that not the best idea ever? (Notice the cocktail boots)

By the end of this wonderful evening, every guest had a hand in the celebration.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Sarah and David. They are a true match and it was an honor to celebrate their love with them. Cheers!

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