One Word, Two Ways: Stretch



I listened to the May Cause Miracles  conference all week and it really introduced me to some new people. One of the people that I learned more about was famous yogi Elena Brower. I felt really inspired by this video she made to introduce her new book. I think it is visually so soft and powerful at the same time. If you are interested in yoga or have your own practice already, give this video a quick watch.

Art of Attention from Michael Chichi on Vimeo.



(image via Pinterest)

I know that invisibility or the ability to fly are well worth considering but whenever I’m asked what super power I’d choose for myself, if given the option, it’s hard for me to look past Inspector Gadget’s capabilities. And by that I primarily mean the “Go, go Gadget arms” command. It’s just one of those phrases from childhood that made such an impression that it still comes to mind on a fairly regular basis in my adult life. Sure there are lots of things we can imagine being able to do but don’t tell me stretching your arms like a tape measure from your torso isn’t one of them.

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