One Word, Two Ways: Light

Every week we pick a word and each base a post off that word.  This week’s word is Light

Twilight in India is like a dream.  Right when the sun is setting is the best time of day.  Not only are the sunsets phenomenal but the colors on the road really pop at that time of day. The saris on the women walking down the street are the most vibrant colors you could imagine.  The flowers glow.  It is breathtaking.  But enough talk about India, take a look:

Namaste India from Burning Flag on Vimeo.

You just can’t beat the power of natural light.  It is something that is so important to me, and my mental well-being.  As the weather starts to get colder, I find myself trying to hatch all sorts of game plans for how I’m going to tackle the darkness of the coming months.

Behold, the creative duo JIMMYnADI have come to my rescue.  Their video’s message, delivered as a PSA, is directed to coach creative people on “how to beat the darkness.”   I have watched it a few times now since I came across it last weekend on Art Hound and just really love it.  Take a look.

Darkness from JIMMYnADI on Vimeo.

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