One Word, Two Ways: Offering

You know how it goes…

When we were in Bali, Albert asked a taxi driver if he had ever been to Lombok.  Lombok is an island to the right of Bali, and is rather close and straight forward to get to.

The taxi driver laughed and said, “No, no.  We Balinese have trouble holding on to money and saving since we make so many offerings and there are so many ceremonies.”

(photo via here)

It is true. In Bali, some people make 35 offerings a day to the gods.  I never really thought about how much money they spend on their offerings before.  To sacrifice so much for something you believe in is not something I am accustomed to in my daily life.  I wasn’t sure if it was a beautiful thing or if it made me sad.

This song, which a dear friend gave to me on a mix several years ago, randomly came up on my iTunes today.  It has been a rough week to say the least for her, and for many of my friends actually.  So I’m offering it back to her, and to each of you.  xo

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