One Word, Two Ways: Funky

I’m quite partial to funky style and truly admire those that rock and own their inner funky.  I’ve been a long time fan of the picture above (via The Sartorialist) because it just expresses so much personality.  I think it conveys a sense of inner freedom and ease.

I also really like a home interior that incorporates some funk and I think the motto below is right on for how it can be achieved.

Manhattan loft of Andi Potankim via YOU ARE THE RIVER

Baile Funk, also called funk carioca, is a Brazilian dance music that originated in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and is heavily influenced by 1980s Miami Bass music (like 2 Live Crew!) This is some serious party music, where thousands of young people gather together every weekend to shake their asses.

Description found here.

Also, check out the documentary, Favela on Blast, for a closer look into baile funk.

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