One word, Two Ways: Amusement

There’s so much joy in finding things that strike you as funny and bring amusement to your life.  I always keep the latest New Yorker magazine in my purse for my commute to and from work.  Of course every issue is dense with interesting articles, stories and reviews but the cartoons are not to be overlooked and often really crack me up.  This one, from the most recent issue, made me laugh out loud.

Also, having been once fondly described by a slightly over-served friend as “awkward but awesome”, it’s no wonder that I have a real soft spot for awkward humor.  Along that vein, conceptual artist Steve Lambert had what he called the “kind of idea that only comes to you at 12:30am.” and made the most awkward “404 not found” page on the internet.

I strongly encourage you to head over, check it out and experience amusement in the discomfort!

Where do I possibly start to tell you about Cedar Point? Located in Sandusky, Ohio (15 miles from my grandma’s beach house), Cedar Point is home to over 17 roller coasters. There is also a water park, parasailing, jet skiing and the fact that is in the middle of Lake Erie. Did I mention that it is also rated America’s Best Amusement Park.  I have honestly never been to a better one in all of my life. Every summer growing up, my cousins, siblings and I would go to Cedar Point.  I will never forget the feeling when you finally see the park itself. I still get a magical feeling inside when I approach it.

There is just something special about Cedar Point. It is not trying to wow you with fake thrills and still has an old fashioned feel to it. Don’t let the unassuming mystique fool you. All of the roller coasters are bad ass. My favorite is Disaster Transport. This is Cedar Point’s only indoor roller coaster and I make sure to head straight for it.

The Millennium Force is one of the most popular roller coasters at Cedar Point. It goes up to 93 mph and has the steepest hill I have ever experienced; you feel like you are falling straight into the water. It is an amazing experience!

I HAVE to mention the Magnum. The Magnum holds a special place in all Cedar Point lovers hearts. When we were little, it was the highest roller coaster in the world. According to Wikipedia, the Magnum is considered to have started the roller coaster wars, in which amusement parks competed to build the highest and fastest roller coasters. It has won amusement park awards since it was debuted in 1989.

Cedar Point holds a special place in my heart. I hope you too can enjoy it someday!


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