One Word, Two Ways: Anatomy


I “pinned” this illustration from The Human Body: What It Is and How It Works months ago and have been waiting for the right time to use it.  Last weekend I went with my mom to a Mind, Body and Soul retreat where I attended talks given by leading authors and experts in the broadly defined field of consciousness.  I have been wanting to write more about what I heard and learned there but, to be honest, so many concepts and ideas were shared with me that I haven’t known quite where to start.

A lot of the talks related to the premise that we are not separate from the universe or from each other.  I like the similarity that this idea has to the various body systems.  Yes, each one is different and has it’s own purpose but ultimately the are integrated parts working in cooperation to operate our bodies.

Have you seen “Beasts of the Souther Wild”?  If not, do!  It is so beautiful and in its ways speaks to this same notion.


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