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This week I have been listening to a lot of podcasts during my morning commute.  Almost every morning, without fail, a story gives me chills or makes my eyes watery.  I have loved “This American Life” since I first heard it when I was younger.  No matter how many more podcasts I am turned onto, “This American Life” always remains my favorite.

I listened to a two part series of “This American Life” that was extremely powerful.  They sent reporters into Harper High School in Chicago for 5 months; the year before the reporters were there, 29 kids were shot in and around the neighborhood.  They follow a couple students and social workers throughout those months.

Haper High School, Part One

Haper High School, Part Two


Last week I was featured in New York Magazine for a story about international home exchange (I’m on page 3).  The point of the story was to showcase what types of overseas home swaps are available to New Yorkers.  I chose between homes in Italy, Cambodia and France.  Click thru to see which one I chose.


(Photo: Courtesy of the owner. Illustration by Zoey Kelemen.)

Also, if you look closely, you can see that I forgot to move one of my shoes out of the shot in my bedroom.  I guess it gives more of a lived-in look, right?!

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