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Last Thursday I caught that darn cold that has been going around this season. It has not been too bad but it is certainly lingering. One thing that has soothed my throat has been warm drinks of any kind. Since I was sick over the weekend, I let myself live a little and whipped up some hot toddy’s and now I am hooked!

Here is my recipe:

  • 1 oz (2 tablespoons) bourbon
  • 1 tablespoon mild honey
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup boiling-hot water


My funk this week snuck up on me swiftly. One moment I was fine, the next moment there was this…dis-ease. Sure, this happens now and then. I’ve gotten into a “bad mood” many times before. But this funk was different. The tastes and the textures of it felt unfamiliar. There was almost a distance that I felt from it. There was me and then there was this funk. We were not one in the same. The difference was that I was completely aware of it – as if it was sitting next to me. In dull moments, I would hear it whisper to me. But I would just hush it. I was more aware of the ways my mind was trying to indulge in itself and tell me things that were simply not true. I decided not to take the thoughts and feast on them, like I normally would.  I decided not to pretend to be my own fortune teller (ok, maybe I did for a second, but I caught myself) or re-write history. I decided not to overtalk the funk like I normally would have. Sure, when I felt sad, I let myself. When I felt lonely, I really let myself. When I felt defeated, I let myself. But I didn’t tell myself I AM sad, lonely and defeated. As I write this, I now know that the trigger of this funk was change. Change is a wild beast that can’t be tamed and why would we want it to? It is what makes life exciting, unbelievable and fascinating. Sometimes when it happens in a way that is familiar, I panic.

The biggest game changer in this funk was my awareness of it. I guess I didn’t full realize that that awareness alone is some powerful shit.

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When I was at my team retreat in Nicaragua, I experienced my first Yin Yoga class. I used to be a hardcore yogi. I went to class 6 days a week and was doing all kinds of crazy things with my body. After a while the practice became a little too reflective for me during a time when I think I needed more movement and excitement in my life. So, I stopped yoga. Since April though, I have had the pull to slowly get back to my practice. I knew I didn’t want to go back to vinyasa. There was something about it that kind of practice that just didn’t feel right. That is where yin yoga has come into play. Every Tuesday night I feel so excited to go to my yin yoga class at 8:30pm. It is a long and slow class with deep stretches and it’s really challenging despite the sleepy vibes. It has really been a wonderful change in my life and a much needed time to refocus, calm down and put the phone away. If there is one in your area, I highly recommend it. Nasmaste.


I am not sure if it is the full moon or what but I have been on the verge of feeling really burnt out. I have felt this way before and this time I am vowing to stop it before it starts. After reading articles like this one and this one I have really come to realize how important it is to stop it before it gets any worse. I can tell that I am not fully there yet, but I know if I take the right steps I will be on my way to enjoying the summer with relaxed vibes. So I am pledging to:

Drink more water

Reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if anything is perfect

Don’t stress myself out over silly things

Spend more time near the water

Use technology less

Read more

Meditate in the AM

Wind down before bed

Take B12

Eat more snacks

I will be checking in with you again about this and hope I am just full of energy and looking back on this post with relief. Here is hoping!


There have been a couple of days since I being back from Costa Rica where I just feel down.  In a funk(ytown).  When I step back and look at the reasons why I feel this way, it is almost always a lack of exercise and sleep that really puts me over the edge. Other people around me have also been in a funk or feeling down, so I thought I would make a list of the things that have helped me most during these times. I also think, subconsciously or consciously, I am making a list as my own personal reminder of things that I can do to snap out of it.


Be honest with yourself and the people around you about how you feel.

Don’t deny or feel embarrassed of how tired you are.

Take some deep breaths – preferably through an activity.

ONLY listen to happy music.

Remind yourself that we are slowly coming out of winter and of course you feel insane.

Remember all the cool friends you have and how much people care about you!

You will feel totally differently tomorrow – trust me.

Go to a group meditation.

Don’t spend more time alone than you really need.

Watch physical comedy in any form.

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I am headed to Costa Rica at the end of the week for some much needed R&R.  Although I packed many fabulous hats and scarves and dresses these are my most treasured items:

It is so important to continue taking your probiotics when being exposed to new bacteria. I start to up my intake before I head out. You can get this probiotic here.


I feel like I talk about this stuff all day every day. It is my go to solution for headaches, sleeplessness and #2 problems while traveling.


This sweet smelling leave in conditioner is the perfect product for curly hair while you are sipping mai tais oceanside.


Speaking of mai tais, this will help so much with the morning after results.


This moisturizer is light and healing at the same time. It feels so good after a day in the sun and perfect for humidity. Check it out here.


I haven’t used this bug repellant yet but I have heard rave reviews! I am excited to try it out. You can find out more here.

female warrior in black

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During the past couple of weeks I have delved pretty deeply into some serious research on hormones and all the wonderful and intricate things that entails.  One very major take away that has stuck with me is that your emotional life GREATLY affects your hormones and menstrual cycle.  As an example, perhaps you are feeling a creative block or stagnation in your life; it is possible that you might be having increased PMS or trouble conceiving.  Another example is that you are feeling too much pressure at work to be more masculine, pressure to be a good mother, spouse, friend or employee, etc. that you develop irregular periods or extreme fatigue.  Now on the surface this all seems to make sense but sometimes we want such a clinical explanation for what we experience that we do not always check in with ourselves about the blocks in our lives.  I find this perspective exciting and relieving because it means what I do can really change my life and my health!  Isn’t that super sweet?!  Being a woman is such an amazing journey and as I get older I am trying to embrace it instead of feel ashamed of it.  If you are experiencing low libido, irregular periods, PMS or menopause I have two wonderful book recommendations for you. Women Code and Woman’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.  Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

I have also written about this topic before in one of my favorite posts here: What Phases You?

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