One Word, Two Ways: Silhouette



I have had so many of my closest friends (including these two favorites) and family move out of New York in the past couple of years. It’s a funny thing because life just keeps moving at such a fast pace in this city that I look like pictures like this one, taken five years ago, and it feels like such a recent memory.  Just three friends, dressed up and barefoot, laughing in a bubble.


This past Christmas, we had a homemade gift exchange. I have never considered myself crafty, but these silhouettes were totally do-able.


Here is how I made them.

  1. Mema said:

    This is why I love NYC! Where else can you literally live in a bubble (albeit for a picture online)? Also love the do-able silouhettes which always reminds me of a time in the sixth grade where a girl in my class mispronounced the word and said, “sil-hoot-ted”. Cracks me up to this day… That’s what life is: the moments… thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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