One Word, Two Ways: Living



photo (53)

As I recently mentioned, I’ve been doing some major rearranging in my apartment.  My new living room is really coming together and I am loving spending time in here.  It is so full of light, has tons of plants (including these adorable succulents I repotted and put on my window sills) and has a desk set-up I actually use.  I want to invest in a large photo to go over the couch and a small little rug for under my desk but other than that I’m feeling super settled in this new set-up.

photo (51)


Since I moved to Los Angeles I may have mentioned that I am in love with my plants. If I didn’t – I am. We have been through some ups and downs with the extreme heat regarding my herbs, but everything else has done so well.

photo 1

photo 3

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (6)

This was my friend’s wedding favor. You can buy one of her planters at

  1. Kristin Bartlett said:

    i love the new space big time!

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