One Word, Two Ways: Play

Every week we pick a word and each do a post based on that word. This week: Play.

Playing in my ears all week has been MTMTMK, the newest album by The Very Best (a Swedish-Malawian duo).  The album is upbeat and danceable.  I hope it sets the tone for an amazing weekend!  Enjoy.

NPR’s First Listen: MTMTMK in its entirety

(photo via Movement News)

On our trip,  we have had some downtime and have started playing cards.  At first, the only game for two people Albert and I could remember is the game War.  Since then, we have been playing a bit of other random games we remember from being kids.

If anyone knows some good card games for 2, 3 or 4 players, send me a link. We are always eager for more games!

*Click through images for source info

  1. I can’t believe i didn’t know about this album!!!!!
    thanks for letting me know… it came out yesterday!
    Thanks for sharing the love of music with me girls~!

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