One Word, Two Ways: Idea

Just to give you an idea of where I am and what I hear.

The concept of collaboration has been an undeniable and overarching theme of my week.  Last Sunday, I went to an event hosted by Marianne Williamson focused on bridging spiritual consciousness and politics (a great recap of the event can be found here).  Marianne stressed the importance of collaboration in setting roots for a movement which aims to bolster political candidates for whom love is the bottom line.  Later in the week, I attended the first in a series of events by Let’s Collaborate NYC to bring together New York’s collaborative consumption community.   Then, I also went to an inaugural college alumni event for producers of art across all media.

(Lisbon Streets by Magdalena Szurek)

To say that I’m feeling energized and inspired by all the ideas that have been shared with me throughout the week would be a total understatement. At a moment in time where fundamental improvements are needed in almost every area, it’s so powerful to be reminded of the possibility of what can happen when we simply show up for the conversation.

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