One Word, Two Ways: Sage



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My mom made sure to remind me that when I move into my new place, I needed to “sage” my apartment. Like the good daughter that I am, I did just that. It might seem crazy, but many cultures practice the burning of sage and other plants in order to purify a space. I have done it with all of my apartments and living spaces and will continue to pass it on to my children. Try it out!


I recently did some repainting in my apartment and am thinking about doing a little more (none of it in sage but that’s beside the point). I can’t quite decide if picking just the perfect shade of a color is an art to master or simply a stroke of luck to strike. I’ve had a lot of ‘not quite’ color results in my day. But having just spent the prior several hours or evenings hoping a color would warm on me with one more coat or in the daylight or with the furniture back in the room, I’ve lived with the unsatisfactory results for months to years on end. I’ve also had the much rarer experience of feeling like a color turned out exactly as I envisioned it. It’s great.

I really hope this is a skill that I can hone but I’m still not quite convinced.

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