One Word, Two Ways: Compliment

compliment lauren1

Antanas Sutkus

(photo by Anatas Sutkus)

When I was a senior in college I lived with my friends in a house that had a street-facing balcony. Our house was in the same part of town as most of the bars; when they let out, a lot of people walked by on their way home. One night we were on our balcony when one of my best friends suggested that we yell compliments to the people passing below us. We complimented people on their looks, their gaits, their seemingly kind dispositions. It was all pretty random but incredibly fun.

Just around New Years I came across this TED talk by Gala Darling.  In the talk, she suggests writing down every compliment you receive.  Though I haven’t followed through with the idea, I did mention it to a few friends and since then there have been a few occasions in which I’ve really recognized the power of a compliment.  Whether giving or receiving, you really can’t underestimate how good a compliment can make you feel.  Don’t hold back.







These are awesome.

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