One Word, Two Ways: Authentic


farrellMost of my conversations lately have revolved around the topic of authenticity. Some have been about how it is a challenge to always be true to yourself. Others have been about the courage it takes to be accepting of other people’s authenticity. These conversations go hand in hand with my new obsession: The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet. 

The Conversation is an alternative interview series that discusses women, in every aspect. I have been feeling so empowered by these conversations. I always learn something about myself from watching them.

Check it out women of the world:

[youtube] [youtube]

These are just two examples, but I recommend going to her website and picking the ones you feel most drawn to.



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When I was cleaning up my bookshelf last week I came across a list I made a few years ago about the things I wanted to materialize in my life. Reading back, I feel proud of the things that have since come to be; I’m also psyched for the others to come into play down the line.

1) become a mother
2) cross country trip
3) artist
4) meditator
5) feel free
6) have a porch
7) garden
8) wake up early
9) feel still
10) answer to no one
11) no debt
12) build savings
13) financial freedom
14) have a community
15) get more massages
16) hike
17) design
18) create
19) read
20) articulate
21) connect
22) feel passion

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