One Word, Two Ways: Create

I stumbled upon this post on a lovely blog I follow called The Positivity Blog and I really loved it. I know Oprah can be cliche, but I really believe there is something special about this woman.

After Albert and I decided to travel, a lot of our friends told us they wished they could do what we were doing and I so badly wish they just DID do it. It was/is a completely scary decision, but that is part of the thrill of creating the life you want to have.

Oprah’s 7 Tips for Creating the Life You Want:

1. Keep your focus in the right place.

2. Redefine failure.

3. You are fuelling your own fear.

4. Do the right thing.

5. You get what you give. In more than one way.

6. Let go of the past. Live in the present.

7. It’s up to you what happens.

Check out Oprah’s fully detailed list for creating the life that you want, here.

I came across these necklaces by meshu recently and am totally in love with the concept.  You can create your own design based on cities or places you’ve been to (or like, or want to go to, etc.) and they laser cut the infographic of the various destinations into jewelery.  As you know, I love maps and globes, and actually have several small maps of places I’ve traveled framed above my bed.  Wearing the locales takes it up a notch for sure.  Also, wouldn’t this be such a fun thing for Farrell after her trip – a little wearable memento of all her travels!

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