One Word, Two Ways: Adjust




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My friend told me a story about something a friend of hers said when they were much younger.  It goes, “We are all made of clay.  We can be molded into all sort of things.  And we each know the things within us that are what they are, as well as the things that can be made into something else.  But fundamentally, we are all made of the same thing.”



I have a hard time adjusting from one place to the next, as I am a lover of routine. I know this might sound crazy, but I have started to love drinking liquid chlorophyll to help me re-adjust after traveling. It sounds disgusting, but honestly, it has a sweet taste when added to water. It has been making me feel so good! I just had to look more into it. Here is what I have found:

It boosts your immune system

Cures bad breathe

Increases red blood cells

Fights infections and skin disorders

Promotes healthy bacteria in the gut

Really, the list goes on and on. So get your chlorophyll on!

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