Coast to Coast

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L:  What are you reading?

F:  Well right now I am reading three books.  The first one is Woman’s Bodies, Woman’s Wisdom. The second is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the third is The Power of Now.  In the past I have been hard on myself about not finishing a book or reading more than one at the same time but I feel interested in different things.  I have come to realize it is not a big deal.  The more the merrier!

L:  Do you fly direct to Costa Rica?

F:  Nope, we stop in good ol’ Houston, Texas.  We have a solid 10 hours of travel there and on the way back.

L:  What are you most looking forward to about the trip?

F:  No technology.  It is SO hard to take a technology break unless you really can’t use it.  I am not going to bring my computer and my phone will only work when I sign onto Wifi.  Also, just spending time with my friends.  We are all so close and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to share with them.

L:  What have you been inspired by this week?

F:  Oh boy!  Well I guess I have been inspired by my vacation. I have been kind of preparing myself and it feels kind of like I am already there in a way.  I also feel inspired by the beach clothes that I packed.  Summer is coming!

L:  Are you a lot of episodes of “Parenthood” ahead of me?

F:  We only watched one episode without you because the one after that was the Thanksgiving episode and I didn’t have the heart to celebrate a Braverman holiday without you by my side.

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F:  Do you think you New York and LA share any similarities?

L:  I think they are both places where by and large people respect each other, even if they don’t have much in common.

F:  What is your favorite cocktail?

L:  I love a drink that includes champagne/prosecco and St. Germain

F:  What is the next meal that you will be making for us?

L: When she was visiting LA, I asked my friend Maggie to send me pictures of what she eats for dinner so I can copy her style, which is delicious and healthy food that is easy to make. She’s recently discovered the versatility of cauliflower; so perhaps I’ll start there.

F:  What is a trait that you would would like to work on building?

L:  Self-pride.

F:  Have you thought about painting?

L:  I have. The time will come.


L:  Want to plan a visit to the Eames House with me?  Are you familiar with it?  Did you ever watch the Eames documentary?  If not, we should.

F: I do not know what you are speaking of, but I want to plan any trip with you. It looks pretty sweet and very close to home. Who knew?!

L:  What did you eat for breakfast today?

F: Oh that’s a great question. As you know I am testing out a blood sugar regulation diet to help with my headaches. It has not gone very well so far, but today I had a smoothie and feel great! All is well in the world. In fact, I had a very delicious Mint Chip Green Smoothie.

L:  What is a Suz memory you have?

F: Oh wow. To be honest with you, I think part of me has completely shut down my heart from even thinking about her because it is too hard. For a while I would say that I was almost completely obsessed with thinking about her and wanting to talk to her. Something inside of me changed I think. Even typing this makes my eyes water. Mostly, whenever I think of her I think of her calling me “sweet thing” or she always called me “fare bear”. When I think of Suz, I hear her voice.

L:  Are you sick of me living in your living room yet? 🙂

F: Not at all. Now that you are at Teddy’s I feel sad. It really has been so easy having you here. If anything I wish I was more fun! I love having you around. Albert and I both do.

L:  How about a song to celebrate it being Friday!

F: I am in weird mood and for some reason this feels like the right pic.



F:  What is a California look that you like?

L:  I’m not sure I actually really like this but I do think it’s interesting that you can see people dressed for all four seasons in one day here.

F:  Where else are you planning on visiting in the next month?

L:  Next month I’m going to Mexico City with a couple dear friends.  They’d been planning a trip and invited me to join.  It is super unexpected and exciting.

F:  What is your favorite thing you did this week?

L:  I went to three super challenging yoga classes this week.  The first made me feel so out of shape.  The second made me feel exhausted.  But the third made me feel strong with the potential to get so much stronger.  It was hard but awesome.

F:  What is the next salad recipe that you will make for us?

L:  I guess you and I both bought green apples so that will be the starting point.  I also got beets the other day, and we still have some walnuts.  I’ll probably pick up some blue or goat cheese to go in it and maybe even some blueberries if they’re looking nice.  Oh, and mixed greens or even spinach.

F:  If you could pick one word as an intention right now, what would it be?

L:  Connection


L:  It’s Friday!  What will you do tonight?

F: Oh boy! It has been so busy at work with everyone cleansing this time of year, I am happy to have a night to just chill. I fly to New Mexico tomorrow morning to meet you and Mom for the weekend, so I will probably just get to bed early. I know that is a boring response. You know what? Come to think of it! Maybe I’ll dance the night away and take some shots!

L:  What advice would you give someone who is generally looking to live a healthier life?

F: Routine is your very best friend when living a healthier life. Establishing a daily routine that you can rely on will help you stay healthier and make it easier for you to stay healthy. I generally have a smoothie in the morning which I think can be the secret to setting the day out right because you tend to make better choices throughout the day after that. Also, everything in moderation, including moderation.

L:  What did you think of that Pumping Iron documentary we watched the other night?

F: I thought that documentary was amazing, disgusting, interesting, hilarious, gross and weird. I mean, what a strange and bizarre lifestyle and way to look. I just don’t understand. Most of those guys looked like their heads were going to pop off.

L:  What kinds of LA things do you want to do together while I’m here?

F: I want to go to the Getty, go on more hikes, spend more beach days together and have more friend hangs. Nothing too complicated.

L:  What is your favorite/most visited website these days?

F. Ha!  I probably go to it 100 times a day.

F:  Tell me a little bit about your day today.

L:  Today I woke up at your house, had coffee with you and Al.  Then Teddy came over and he and I spent the rest of the day hanging out.  This evening I went to a screenplay reading at my friend’s house which was really great!

F:  What is your favorite thing that you have done since you have be in LA?

L:  Oh man, my time here has been off to a really great start so it’s hard to say.  The first yoga class that I went to here was awesome and that’s what is sticking out in my mind at the moment.  I’m really feeling new to this place which is super exciting the majority of time, with a few passing moments of fear, panic and unease peppered in.  At this point pretty much everything I’ve done has been cool.

F:  Is there anything that you really want to do while you are here?

L:  Yes.  I want to go to the Getty.  I want to try two restaurants that were recently suggested to me, Osteria Mamma and Father’s Office (for the alleged best burger in LA).  I want to go to that paint night in your neighborhood that we talked about.  I’d like to hear some live music.  Other than that, I’m pretty open.

F:  Do you miss New York?  If so, what do you miss?

L:  Yes, I do miss New York but not in a desperate way because I know I can go back if I want to, and I haven’t really been gone that long.  The other day I was walking down the street and found myself missing being surrounded by pedestrians on a mission.  I miss the familiarity I feel in New York, and realize now the sense of security that the city has provided me with for a very long time. I also miss my people, of course.  But overall I’m very happy to be here for now.

F:  Do you think LA and New York are comparable in any way?

L:  It’s difficult for me not to draw some comparisons because New York is what I know.  However, at this point LA feels like too much of an unknown to me to draw any particularly insightful comparisons.


L:  What sort of Cleveland activities should we do while we’re home?

F:  I would like to go to the Christmas market with you, take Al tobogganing, make Suz’s Christmas cookies with the kids, spend time with babies and old people, hang with you and Mom, see my friends, watch the Cleveland orchestra.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

L:  Do you have any words of wisdom for me?

F:  Trust in yourself and do what’s right. I think the is the only advice that you need.

L:  What’s your favorite Christmas song?  Movie?

F:  Home Alone is by far my favorite Christmas movie. Let’s watch it!  The soundtrack is also my favorite.

L:  If you could take a tourist trip to outer space, would you?

F:  I would be so scared and probably act like I was going to die and say my final goodbyes to everyone I loved, but I would do it. I wouldn’t seek it out, but if it was given to me I would go.  If I had kids, I wouldn’t.

L:  What do you consider your greatest accomplishment over the last little bit of time?

F:  Well traveling around the world with Albert was really something special but here is a small list:

Getting up on a surfboard

Having my peach pie recipe published in Clean Eats

Living in California

Being able to completely support our lives out here.


F:  What is the most touching thing that you saw or happened to you this week?

L:  Yesterday I had an appointment with a health care navigator at this organization. I was supposed to bring a form with me to prove I am no longer employed but I wasn’t able to print it out before our meeting and the online system that provided it did not offer an email option. The whole story is extremely administrative and overall pretty boring but the woman I met with was so pleasant during our entire encounter – over half of which she spent carrying her laptop around, trying to find her colleague whose work station she was temporarily looking to use to print out my form.  Our exchange wasn’t particularly deep or profound or personal but it was very pleasant and kind and those are two characteristics that can’t be underestimated.

F:  What do you do to “relax?”

L:  I’m pretty big into the concept of taking a bath.  I don’t have a bathtub though so the frequency of baths in my life is much lower than I’d like.  There’s also this place in Chinatown that offers a 30 min back rub + 30 min foot massage for $30.  It’s fantastic and a totally reasonably priced indulgence.

F:  Are you still painting?  If so, what?  If not, why not? 🙂

L:  I’m sorry to say that I haven’t painted since October.  With all my moving around it has been hard to feel stationary enough to dedicate space to setting up an easel, bringing out all the materials, etc.  It’ll happen though.

F:  What are your winter essentials?  Doesn’t have to be clothes.

L:  It’s gotten really cold in NYC.  I have two cashmere sweaters that are pretty much the only things I’ve been wearing since Thanksgiving.  This lip balm feels fantastic.  Also, I’ve been making little batches of Suz’s recipe for the smell of Christmas which has been really pretty nice – especially to give away.

F:  If you could manifest anything, what would your ideal year be like next year?

L:  One of love, prosperity, creativity, friendship, joy, ease and security.

California Sunrise

California Sunrise

L:  How has your week been?

F:  My week has been pretty crazy. Mostly all work related. We are doing a photo shoot this week for our website and other things and it has been pretty amazing. Also, I saw the comedian / motivational speaker Kyle Cease on Wednesday night.

L:  What are you most looking forward to about being home for Christmas?

F:  Oh there are so many things! I am so excited to see all of my little cousins and how much they have grown. I am looking forward to some quality family time – especially with my sister. Also, it is Albert’s first official Christmas with the Feighan family so that in itself is pretty darn exciting. I am not looking forward to the cold, but that is part of the whole experience.

L:  Did I tell you I bought a ticket to visit you for New Year’s?

F:  Did you buy it!? That is so exciting.  I am so happy you are coming to stay with me!  We will have to start planning.

L:  How’s your new haircut?

F:  I like it a lot. It is short but not too short.  You know how I feel about getting haircuts – I hate them.  This time around was such a pleasant experience. Let’s go while you are here!

L:  Who framed Roger Rabbit?  

F:  I don’t know anything about that or what that means.


Thanksgiving dinner bound with mom & Mommom

F:  What were you the most thankful for on Thanksgiving?

L:  Family.  Even without you, Albert, Dad, David, Teddy or Kelley home I still spent the day with members of our family on both sides throughout the day.  Strange not to be with any of you guys this year but I’m so thankful that we are part of such a big family.

F:  What has been the biggest lesson you have been gifted since your left your job?

L:  When you have/make time to open yourself to others, you will have amazing experiences.

F:  What are you most excited for around Christmas times?

L:  I’m excited for our family’s gift exchange.  Ever since we decided to give each other homemade gifts instead of buying them, I’ve looked forward to Christmas morning in an entirely new way – even on that first year when I totally bombed/cheated and made everyone super lame personalized gift kits from the drug store.

F:  Would you rather attempt to jump out of a plane or hike Mount Everest?

L:  Oh, jump out of a plane for sure!  Hiking Mount Everest sounds like one of the most intense things you could ever try to attempt and not one thing in me yearns for that experience.

F:  What is the characteristic that you value the most in any relationship?

L:  This is a really hard question!  Loyalty, kindness and enjoyment are the first things that come to mind.

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