Coast to Coast

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L:  What are you reading?

F:  Well right now I am reading three books.  The first one is Woman’s Bodies, Woman’s Wisdom. The second is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the third is The Power of Now.  In the past I have been hard on myself about not finishing a book or reading more than one at the same time but I feel interested in different things.  I have come to realize it is not a big deal.  The more the merrier!

L:  Do you fly direct to Costa Rica?

F:  Nope, we stop in good ol’ Houston, Texas.  We have a solid 10 hours of travel there and on the way back.

L:  What are you most looking forward to about the trip?

F:  No technology.  It is SO hard to take a technology break unless you really can’t use it.  I am not going to bring my computer and my phone will only work when I sign onto Wifi.  Also, just spending time with my friends.  We are all so close and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to share with them.

L:  What have you been inspired by this week?

F:  Oh boy!  Well I guess I have been inspired by my vacation. I have been kind of preparing myself and it feels kind of like I am already there in a way.  I also feel inspired by the beach clothes that I packed.  Summer is coming!

L:  Are you a lot of episodes of “Parenthood” ahead of me?

F:  We only watched one episode without you because the one after that was the Thanksgiving episode and I didn’t have the heart to celebrate a Braverman holiday without you by my side.

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