Coast to Coast


Thanksgiving dinner bound with mom & Mommom

F:  What were you the most thankful for on Thanksgiving?

L:  Family.  Even without you, Albert, Dad, David, Teddy or Kelley home I still spent the day with members of our family on both sides throughout the day.  Strange not to be with any of you guys this year but I’m so thankful that we are part of such a big family.

F:  What has been the biggest lesson you have been gifted since your left your job?

L:  When you have/make time to open yourself to others, you will have amazing experiences.

F:  What are you most excited for around Christmas times?

L:  I’m excited for our family’s gift exchange.  Ever since we decided to give each other homemade gifts instead of buying them, I’ve looked forward to Christmas morning in an entirely new way – even on that first year when I totally bombed/cheated and made everyone super lame personalized gift kits from the drug store.

F:  Would you rather attempt to jump out of a plane or hike Mount Everest?

L:  Oh, jump out of a plane for sure!  Hiking Mount Everest sounds like one of the most intense things you could ever try to attempt and not one thing in me yearns for that experience.

F:  What is the characteristic that you value the most in any relationship?

L:  This is a really hard question!  Loyalty, kindness and enjoyment are the first things that come to mind.

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