Coast to Coast


L:  Want to plan a visit to the Eames House with me?  Are you familiar with it?  Did you ever watch the Eames documentary?  If not, we should.

F: I do not know what you are speaking of, but I want to plan any trip with you. It looks pretty sweet and very close to home. Who knew?!

L:  What did you eat for breakfast today?

F: Oh that’s a great question. As you know I am testing out a blood sugar regulation diet to help with my headaches. It has not gone very well so far, but today I had a smoothie and feel great! All is well in the world. In fact, I had a very delicious Mint Chip Green Smoothie.

L:  What is a Suz memory you have?

F: Oh wow. To be honest with you, I think part of me has completely shut down my heart from even thinking about her because it is too hard. For a while I would say that I was almost completely obsessed with thinking about her and wanting to talk to her. Something inside of me changed I think. Even typing this makes my eyes water. Mostly, whenever I think of her I think of her calling me “sweet thing” or she always called me “fare bear”. When I think of Suz, I hear her voice.

L:  Are you sick of me living in your living room yet? 🙂

F: Not at all. Now that you are at Teddy’s I feel sad. It really has been so easy having you here. If anything I wish I was more fun! I love having you around. Albert and I both do.

L:  How about a song to celebrate it being Friday!

F: I am in weird mood and for some reason this feels like the right pic.


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