Coast to Coast

F:  Tell me a little bit about your day today.

L:  Today I woke up at your house, had coffee with you and Al.  Then Teddy came over and he and I spent the rest of the day hanging out.  This evening I went to a screenplay reading at my friend’s house which was really great!

F:  What is your favorite thing that you have done since you have be in LA?

L:  Oh man, my time here has been off to a really great start so it’s hard to say.  The first yoga class that I went to here was awesome and that’s what is sticking out in my mind at the moment.  I’m really feeling new to this place which is super exciting the majority of time, with a few passing moments of fear, panic and unease peppered in.  At this point pretty much everything I’ve done has been cool.

F:  Is there anything that you really want to do while you are here?

L:  Yes.  I want to go to the Getty.  I want to try two restaurants that were recently suggested to me, Osteria Mamma and Father’s Office (for the alleged best burger in LA).  I want to go to that paint night in your neighborhood that we talked about.  I’d like to hear some live music.  Other than that, I’m pretty open.

F:  Do you miss New York?  If so, what do you miss?

L:  Yes, I do miss New York but not in a desperate way because I know I can go back if I want to, and I haven’t really been gone that long.  The other day I was walking down the street and found myself missing being surrounded by pedestrians on a mission.  I miss the familiarity I feel in New York, and realize now the sense of security that the city has provided me with for a very long time. I also miss my people, of course.  But overall I’m very happy to be here for now.

F:  Do you think LA and New York are comparable in any way?

L:  It’s difficult for me not to draw some comparisons because New York is what I know.  However, at this point LA feels like too much of an unknown to me to draw any particularly insightful comparisons.

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