Coast to Coast


L:  It’s Friday!  What will you do tonight?

F: Oh boy! It has been so busy at work with everyone cleansing this time of year, I am happy to have a night to just chill. I fly to New Mexico tomorrow morning to meet you and Mom for the weekend, so I will probably just get to bed early. I know that is a boring response. You know what? Come to think of it! Maybe I’ll dance the night away and take some shots!

L:  What advice would you give someone who is generally looking to live a healthier life?

F: Routine is your very best friend when living a healthier life. Establishing a daily routine that you can rely on will help you stay healthier and make it easier for you to stay healthy. I generally have a smoothie in the morning which I think can be the secret to setting the day out right because you tend to make better choices throughout the day after that. Also, everything in moderation, including moderation.

L:  What did you think of that Pumping Iron documentary we watched the other night?

F: I thought that documentary was amazing, disgusting, interesting, hilarious, gross and weird. I mean, what a strange and bizarre lifestyle and way to look. I just don’t understand. Most of those guys looked like their heads were going to pop off.

L:  What kinds of LA things do you want to do together while I’m here?

F: I want to go to the Getty, go on more hikes, spend more beach days together and have more friend hangs. Nothing too complicated.

L:  What is your favorite/most visited website these days?

F. Ha!  I probably go to it 100 times a day.

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