Coast to Coast


F:  What is a California look that you like?

L:  I’m not sure I actually really like this but I do think it’s interesting that you can see people dressed for all four seasons in one day here.

F:  Where else are you planning on visiting in the next month?

L:  Next month I’m going to Mexico City with a couple dear friends.  They’d been planning a trip and invited me to join.  It is super unexpected and exciting.

F:  What is your favorite thing you did this week?

L:  I went to three super challenging yoga classes this week.  The first made me feel so out of shape.  The second made me feel exhausted.  But the third made me feel strong with the potential to get so much stronger.  It was hard but awesome.

F:  What is the next salad recipe that you will make for us?

L:  I guess you and I both bought green apples so that will be the starting point.  I also got beets the other day, and we still have some walnuts.  I’ll probably pick up some blue or goat cheese to go in it and maybe even some blueberries if they’re looking nice.  Oh, and mixed greens or even spinach.

F:  If you could pick one word as an intention right now, what would it be?

L:  Connection

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