Coast to Coast

California Sunrise

California Sunrise

L:  How has your week been?

F:  My week has been pretty crazy. Mostly all work related. We are doing a photo shoot this week for our website and other things and it has been pretty amazing. Also, I saw the comedian / motivational speaker Kyle Cease on Wednesday night.

L:  What are you most looking forward to about being home for Christmas?

F:  Oh there are so many things! I am so excited to see all of my little cousins and how much they have grown. I am looking forward to some quality family time – especially with my sister. Also, it is Albert’s first official Christmas with the Feighan family so that in itself is pretty darn exciting. I am not looking forward to the cold, but that is part of the whole experience.

L:  Did I tell you I bought a ticket to visit you for New Year’s?

F:  Did you buy it!? That is so exciting.  I am so happy you are coming to stay with me!  We will have to start planning.

L:  How’s your new haircut?

F:  I like it a lot. It is short but not too short.  You know how I feel about getting haircuts – I hate them.  This time around was such a pleasant experience. Let’s go while you are here!

L:  Who framed Roger Rabbit?  

F:  I don’t know anything about that or what that means.

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