Coast to Coast


F:  What is the most touching thing that you saw or happened to you this week?

L:  Yesterday I had an appointment with a health care navigator at this organization. I was supposed to bring a form with me to prove I am no longer employed but I wasn’t able to print it out before our meeting and the online system that provided it did not offer an email option. The whole story is extremely administrative and overall pretty boring but the woman I met with was so pleasant during our entire encounter – over half of which she spent carrying her laptop around, trying to find her colleague whose work station she was temporarily looking to use to print out my form.  Our exchange wasn’t particularly deep or profound or personal but it was very pleasant and kind and those are two characteristics that can’t be underestimated.

F:  What do you do to “relax?”

L:  I’m pretty big into the concept of taking a bath.  I don’t have a bathtub though so the frequency of baths in my life is much lower than I’d like.  There’s also this place in Chinatown that offers a 30 min back rub + 30 min foot massage for $30.  It’s fantastic and a totally reasonably priced indulgence.

F:  Are you still painting?  If so, what?  If not, why not? 🙂

L:  I’m sorry to say that I haven’t painted since October.  With all my moving around it has been hard to feel stationary enough to dedicate space to setting up an easel, bringing out all the materials, etc.  It’ll happen though.

F:  What are your winter essentials?  Doesn’t have to be clothes.

L:  It’s gotten really cold in NYC.  I have two cashmere sweaters that are pretty much the only things I’ve been wearing since Thanksgiving.  This lip balm feels fantastic.  Also, I’ve been making little batches of Suz’s recipe for the smell of Christmas which has been really pretty nice – especially to give away.

F:  If you could manifest anything, what would your ideal year be like next year?

L:  One of love, prosperity, creativity, friendship, joy, ease and security.

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