Coast to Coast

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F:  Do you think you New York and LA share any similarities?

L:  I think they are both places where by and large people respect each other, even if they don’t have much in common.

F:  What is your favorite cocktail?

L:  I love a drink that includes champagne/prosecco and St. Germain

F:  What is the next meal that you will be making for us?

L: When she was visiting LA, I asked my friend Maggie to send me pictures of what she eats for dinner so I can copy her style, which is delicious and healthy food that is easy to make. She’s recently discovered the versatility of cauliflower; so perhaps I’ll start there.

F:  What is a trait that you would would like to work on building?

L:  Self-pride.

F:  Have you thought about painting?

L:  I have. The time will come.

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