Coast to Coast

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L:  Do you like to hold on to books you’ve read or get rid of them when you’re done?

F: You know me, I like to get rid of things. I enjoy them and then I pass them on. If I really like the book or it is a classic I will keep it. Otherwise, I like to share it with my friends.

L:  What is your favorite/can’t live without product these days?

F: Coconut water. I have been crazy about it lately. I can’t get enough. In terms of beauty products, I have been using Odacite cleanser and I love it. Even though it has been proven that I CAN live without it, the Problem Solver is deeply missed around these parts.

L:  Do you have any styles that you just love regardless of whether they’re fashionable in the moment?

F: Flared jeans are something I will always love. I have just fallen in love with anything white and all white outfits. They are awesome!

L:  Have you been watching the Cavs?

F: I happened to be having drinks with friends on Sunday and the Cavs game was on. At first I didn’t care until the end where I was sweating and imagining every single person I know in Cleveland in front of their TVs; good thing they won!

L:  What are you up to this weekend?

F: One of our friends asked Albert to help film his Kickstarter video so I will be helping with that on Saturday. The weather is getting nicer so more beach days are in order.


F: Who is your favorite character in Mad Men and why?

L: Can Don and Betty count as one character?!  I haven’t watched any of this final half-season and have heard almost nothing about it.  I can’t wait for the seven or so hours I have ahead of me.

F: What is the best meal that you have had in NYC since you have been back?

L: Dad and I went to dinner in the Marlton Hotel on Tuesday night and I had a delicious Atlantic char.  I was really craving fish and it was so good.

F: What are two goals that you are working towards this year?

L: I’m working towards some financial goals and to release guilt.

F: If you could make a living doing anything at all, what would it be?

L: Doing whatever I wanted to be doing that day.

F: Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert?

L: I’d consider myself to be an extroverted introvert; I fall right on the cusp.


L: Did you decide on a new book to read?

F: I haven’t yet but two recommendations that were given to me were Girl on a Train and Luckiest Girl Alive. Neither one is jumping out at me but I will certainly keep you posted.

L: Aside from missing me terribly, how is it having your apartment back to yourselves?

F: It has been nice and quiet but also a bit sparse. It feels completely empty. Teddy and Kelly dropped all of the Valley Cruise store on Monday and Oscar today so everything is filling up fast. We are happy to do it though. Have fun with them!

L: What was the best wine you tasted in Napa?

F: Great question! My favorite wine was the Chardonnay from Regusci Winery.

L: Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

F: So far there are no plans for this weekend. We are doing a fitness challenge at work, so I am thinking that I might surf and/or go on a hike. This will be my first weekend in a while where I have nothing to do and I am looking forward to it.

L: I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out about all the craziness that’s going on around the world, any words of advice?

F. A couple of people have mentioned this to me lately. I guess my best advice would be that you can’t live in fear that something bad will happen. That will just breed anxiety and you will stop enjoying yourself. I know you don’t like this idea, but I really don’t listen to or read the news. Sometimes I skim the headlines. I think there is a fine line between awareness and reliance on the news to tell you about “the world.”  Make sure to meditate and not drink too much without eating. That will help with stress.

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Car wash

F: How is it to spend a week in Cleveland in the first week of May?

L: Aside from a few chilly days, it is absolutely gorgeous here! There are tulips in bloom all around. The lake is totally captivating and the sunsets have been so colorful. It’s a beautiful time of year in Cleveland!

F: What is something you can not wait to do once you get back to NYC?

L: Hmmm…right now I’m so focused on getting on the road and then having everything in order for the markets I’m doing on Saturday and Sunday that I haven’t really thought much further than that. I think it’s going to be great just to get out and walk around once I’m there.

F: What is your favorite item for the Disco Emporium that you purchased since you have been home?

L: I went up to this vintage store on Detroit Rd. in Lakewood called “Future No Future” and definitely splurged on some great finds. There’s one yellow dress with bright flowers on it that is a little big for me but I’m considering keeping it and having it tailored to wear to some of the weddings I’m going to this summer.

F: Do you miss LA? If so, what do you miss the most? If not, no worries 🙂

L: I miss you guys. I miss the grapefruit swirl at Sweet Rose. I think about LA and the palm trees and the feeling there a lot but I don’t think I’ve been away long enough to seriously miss it.

F: Would you rather climb the highest mountain or go to the deepest depths of the ocean?

L: Yeeks! Neither! The thought of climbing the highest mountain sounds terrifying and does not appeal to me at all. I love the water and would generally choose it over a mountain but I don’t think I want to be at its deepest depths. Maybe if I could fly to the top of the highest mountain and get out, that would be my choice.


Wall outside of The Springs in Downtown LA

L:  How are you liking your new bike?

F: I love it! I have started to ride it every day. It is comfortable and smooth. I am looking forward to using the basket for riding to the beach. Thanks, Mom!

L:  Are there any movies out right now that you want to see?

F: There isn’t anything that really strikes my fancy. I have been wanting to go see a movie but every time I look, nothing looks good. I guess we gotta wait for those summer blockbusters.

L:  Where is your favorite place to eat in Santa Monica?

F: Satdha!

L:  When do you think you’ll use the gift certificate for voice lessons that I gave you for your birthday?

F: Oh man. I am really excited and really nervous about it so I need to get used to the idea and then I will do them. I was thinking this summer in July. Of course I will keep you posted.

L:  What is energizing you lately?

F: Since I have been taking a break from coffee – I would say my morning workouts and my morning smoothies make me feel awesome.

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Infinity Box (No. 6), Radiance by Matt Elson

F: What is the thing that made you laugh the most this week?

L: I think I laughed the hardest this week when we were joking around at your apartment the other day. I know you have some video of my madness but I’m trusting you’ll keep it to yourself.

F: What is the most inspiring thing you heard recently?

L: People are real, but the crowd disappoints

Every crowd, sooner or later, will let you down.

The crowd contains a shoplifter, or a heckler, or an anonymous boor who leaves a snarky comment.

The crowd loses interest, the crowd denigrates the work, the crowd isn’t serious.

Worst of all, sometimes the crowd turns into a mob, out of control and bloodthirsty.

But people, people are real.

People will look you in the eye.

People will keep their promises. People can grow, can change, can be generous.

When in doubt, ignore the crowd (and forgive them). When possible, look for people instead.

Scale is overrated, again and again.

Seth Godin

F: What picture most represents your time in LA?

L: This one.


F: What are you looking forward to the most in the next couple of months?

L: Lake Erie.

F: When and where will your next Disco Emporium sale be?

L: In New York City! May 9th at Hester Street Fair and May 10th at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. I’m super excited!


L:  I just started reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.  Have you read it?  Seems right up your alley!

F: It is pretty funny you should mention this since my entire team has all read it. I think it is funny that it has been around me for this long and I still have not read it. I would really like to. I think in some ways I am not trying to be MORE tidy. I do like the concept of looking at things you own and asking, “does this bring me joy?” and if it doesn’t pitch it. I am always looking for excuses to get rid of anything.

L:  What is something you’d like to accomplish this year?

F: I would love to stop wanting to be different in any way. I would love to accomplish just being ok with where I am and who I am at all times. I think that might be really hard to do in 1 year, but why not shoot for it?

L:  Would you rather have a weekly massage or a weekly hair blow out?

F: 100%, without a double a weekly massage.  What can I say, I like massages. Blow outs are awesome and feel special. I have to admit though – I start to miss my curls.

L:  Do you believe that the way you do anything is the way you do everything?

F: I sure hope not! I am so focused and detailed at some things and then I really “foul up” others. Take cleaning for example. I am such a ridiculous cleaner. I take my time and scrub every last bit. However, sometimes I just roll out of bed and brush my teeth and dress like a scrub. So – no I don’t believe that to be true. It’s too definite.

L:  What’s a recent favorite song of yours?

F. At this point, I can only speak about Sia. Elastic Heart is currently my favorite.

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