Coast to Coast


F:  What did you think of the channeling circle we went to on Tuesday?

L:  Overall I liked it. When it first started I felt a little freaked out, then a bit difficult to take seriously. But as the night went on, I thought the medium communicated/said a lot of interesting stuff.

F:  What do you like the most about being in California?

L:  It’s a real toss up between being close to you guys and the weather. Let’s just say it’s a good combination.

F:  How are you feeling about the soft launch of The Disco Emporium?

L:  Great! There’s a lot more I want to do with it but I’m having taking it one step at a time and having fun.

F:  Is there anywhere else you would like to explore in the Southern California region?

L:  I want to spend more time traveling the coastline.

F:  How is your “to-do list” method working out?

L:  I tend to write a lot of lists and rarely refer back to them so recently I started a draft email to-do list that I’m working off of (or correctly, off which I am working). I’m finding the method pretty good but not earth-shattering. I think I need to do a better job of determining what my priorities are each day and sticking to them. Otherwise I find my attention wandering from thing to thing and thing, and the whole day just passes by. It’s a work in progress.

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