Coast to Coast


Wall outside of The Springs in Downtown LA

L:  How are you liking your new bike?

F: I love it! I have started to ride it every day. It is comfortable and smooth. I am looking forward to using the basket for riding to the beach. Thanks, Mom!

L:  Are there any movies out right now that you want to see?

F: There isn’t anything that really strikes my fancy. I have been wanting to go see a movie but every time I look, nothing looks good. I guess we gotta wait for those summer blockbusters.

L:  Where is your favorite place to eat in Santa Monica?

F: Satdha!

L:  When do you think you’ll use the gift certificate for voice lessons that I gave you for your birthday?

F: Oh man. I am really excited and really nervous about it so I need to get used to the idea and then I will do them. I was thinking this summer in July. Of course I will keep you posted.

L:  What is energizing you lately?

F: Since I have been taking a break from coffee – I would say my morning workouts and my morning smoothies make me feel awesome.

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