Coast to Coast

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F:  What does your horoscope say for today and do you think it rings true?

L:  It says, “If you think you have to prove that you have something valuable to offer, Scorpio, consider this carefully. You’re naturally friendly and can get along with almost anyone. This may already be your strength. You have something great to bring to a crowd. Consider being yourself and not trying so hard to feel a part of things. Look at your qualities and you will prove your worth to yourself.”  This does feel particularly poignant to me today so thank you,

F:  What was your favorite part about being in Mexico?

L:  The national sites in Mexico City were so grand and awe-inspiring that they made feel very curious to know more about history, architecture and a variety of other topics.  The sense of curiosity was invigorating.

F:  Do you think that we will look back on 2015 as being one of the best years of our lives?

L: Ha!  I have never thought about that.  Sure; let’s do it.

F:  What is your favorite meal that Albert has made for us?

L: I’m really into the spaghetti with meat sauce that he makes.  Simple and delicious!

F:  Who is your favorite character on the show “Parenthood?”

L:  As you might have gathered, we’re pretty deep into this series.  I don’t know whether calling it a guilty pleasure is quite right but it’s close.  Anyway, I think Julia might be my favorite character.  She’s responsible and driven but can still be light-hearted and fun.  Let’s just say she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

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