Coast to Coast: Natalie and Annmarie


Despite also being from Cleveland, I met sisters Annmarie and Natalie DiLillo years ago in NYC and we’ve been friends ever since.  Can I just tell you how fun these two are, and how much they love each other!  It’s the best.  (You might recognize Natalie as one of the faces of The Disco Emporium)

Since Farrell and I are now on the same coast, we’ve invited Natalie and Annmarie to do today’s Coast to Coast post.  Thanks so much, ladies!



N: After 8 years of living in New York City, you have relocated back to our hometown, Cleveland, OH. How’s that going for you?

A: It is great to be back home. I love that I get to see our family a lot more often and I don’t have to use public transportation.

N: Cleveland is said to be going through a renaissance, what are your thoughts on this?

A: I think that the Cleveland I left eight years ago is definitely not the Cleveland I came home to. I returned to a lot more high quality restaurants and a better nightlife.

N: How has your dog, Franklin, adjusted to mid-West livin’?

A: He loves it and he hates it. He loves the amount of space he has inside and outside. But he hated the snow and how cold it was this winter.

N: You’re getting married, how’s wedding planning?

A: Honestly, I have done nothing for the wedding except find a venue and pick a date. The whole thing seems kind of overwhelming at the moment.

N: Do you miss me?






A: You went to Bali in October to get your yoga teacher training, how was that?

N: It was absolutely life changing! I have been practicing yoga since 2003 and becoming a teacher has been a dream for a while. The hardest part was to stop making excuses why it was not the right time and just do it. It’s so easy to convince ourselves why something isn’t logistically perfect when in reality we are just scared of diving in and making changes in our lives. I am so happy I finally did it! Bali is the Island of the Gods, and was a perfect setting for such intensely introspective work.

A: How is it having your boyfriend live in LA when you live in NYC?

N: To be frank, I had no interest in a relationship, especially one that would be long distance but when you meet someone who just fits you know longer have a choice; it happens. Lately, I have come to see that certain things seem to be beyond our control. (Smile).  He and I live alternative lifestyles that involve occupational and leisure travel, so we have made it work through random dates in several states, extended visits, texts and phone calls. It’s pretty new so it hasn’t worn on me yet but I sure do miss him on the daily.

A: Do you have any plans to move to LA or back to Ohio in the future?

N: Sister, you know me too well to ask such a question! I can’t even tell you where I’ll be this weekend with any certainty! But I do know LA and Ohio are in my future.  As permanent homes, hard to say, we will see. (Wink)

A: Are there any major differences living with our brother compared to living with me?

N: Haha, yes! You’d be horrified with the cleanliness of the apartment. When you lived here I could eat off the floor, with brother, the five second rule is not an option!

A: I know your boyfriend loves dogs, will you ever get a pet?

N: I have both a cat/dog allergy making full-time living with an animal quite challenging. Also, I travel too much to be a good canine mother. If my lifestyle changes to where I am in one place more consistently I would consider it. Maybe a monkey one day!

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