Coast to Coast

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Infinity Box (No. 6), Radiance by Matt Elson

F: What is the thing that made you laugh the most this week?

L: I think I laughed the hardest this week when we were joking around at your apartment the other day. I know you have some video of my madness but I’m trusting you’ll keep it to yourself.

F: What is the most inspiring thing you heard recently?

L: People are real, but the crowd disappoints

Every crowd, sooner or later, will let you down.

The crowd contains a shoplifter, or a heckler, or an anonymous boor who leaves a snarky comment.

The crowd loses interest, the crowd denigrates the work, the crowd isn’t serious.

Worst of all, sometimes the crowd turns into a mob, out of control and bloodthirsty.

But people, people are real.

People will look you in the eye.

People will keep their promises. People can grow, can change, can be generous.

When in doubt, ignore the crowd (and forgive them). When possible, look for people instead.

Scale is overrated, again and again.

Seth Godin

F: What picture most represents your time in LA?

L: This one.


F: What are you looking forward to the most in the next couple of months?

L: Lake Erie.

F: When and where will your next Disco Emporium sale be?

L: In New York City! May 9th at Hester Street Fair and May 10th at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. I’m super excited!

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