Coast to Coast

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Car wash

F: How is it to spend a week in Cleveland in the first week of May?

L: Aside from a few chilly days, it is absolutely gorgeous here! There are tulips in bloom all around. The lake is totally captivating and the sunsets have been so colorful. It’s a beautiful time of year in Cleveland!

F: What is something you can not wait to do once you get back to NYC?

L: Hmmm…right now I’m so focused on getting on the road and then having everything in order for the markets I’m doing on Saturday and Sunday that I haven’t really thought much further than that. I think it’s going to be great just to get out and walk around once I’m there.

F: What is your favorite item for the Disco Emporium that you purchased since you have been home?

L: I went up to this vintage store on Detroit Rd. in Lakewood called “Future No Future” and definitely splurged on some great finds. There’s one yellow dress with bright flowers on it that is a little big for me but I’m considering keeping it and having it tailored to wear to some of the weddings I’m going to this summer.

F: Do you miss LA? If so, what do you miss the most? If not, no worries 🙂

L: I miss you guys. I miss the grapefruit swirl at Sweet Rose. I think about LA and the palm trees and the feeling there a lot but I don’t think I’ve been away long enough to seriously miss it.

F: Would you rather climb the highest mountain or go to the deepest depths of the ocean?

L: Yeeks! Neither! The thought of climbing the highest mountain sounds terrifying and does not appeal to me at all. I love the water and would generally choose it over a mountain but I don’t think I want to be at its deepest depths. Maybe if I could fly to the top of the highest mountain and get out, that would be my choice.

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