Coast to Coast


F:  Tell us about your next showing of The Disco Emporium? What are the deats?

L:  I’ll be selling at the Artists & Fleas market in Downtown LA on April 18th and 19th!  I also have a bunch of new pieces to be photographed and posted online.  You up for another photo session??

F:  Where is your favorite place to eat in Los Angeles thus far?

L:  Dune over by Teddy and Kelley’s is so delicious!

F:  Where is one place that you still would like to go in LA?

L:  I still haven’t been to the Griffith Observatory and feel like that needs to happen.  A visit to the Adamson House in Malibu that was recommended to us last weekend also looks worthwhile.  We should check it out while mom is here.

F:  What is one thing you miss about NYC?

L:  I miss my friends!

F:  Do you like DIY projects? If so, what is one that you would like to do? If not, what’s up with that?

L:  I want to think I like DIY projects but I’m usually deterred by having to gather all the necessary supplies.  That being said, I’ve always wanted to take up tiling.

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