Coast to Coast

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L:  Tonight (Thursday) is a full moon, do you have an intention and would you like to share it?

F:  Everyone is mentioning the full moon to me this month so I feel that it is significant and I want to take it seriously.  My intention for this full moon is to let the past go and feel inspired by the future.  I feel really good about this intention and hope to bring it to life.

L:  What is one of your favorite Instagram feeds?

F: The Chalkboard Magazine @thechalkboardmag, Design Love Fest @designlovefest, Valley Cruise Press @valleycruisepress and HoneyLunne @honeylunne.

L:  What day of your 90 day work-out are you on?  Are you liking it?

F:  I am at the end of week 8.  I had a bit of a hiccup during my vacation and am having hard time getting as motivated as I was before. But, I know this is all part of the process.  I still love the workouts and know that weeks 9-12 are going to kick my ass.  I will keep you posted for sure!

L:  Have you listened to any good podcasts lately?

F:  I have been trying to listen to more music lately, so I have opted out of the podcasts game for now. Some of my favorites though are This American Life, Here’s the Thing and Fresh Air.

L:  Do you have a Suz memory you’d like to share?  I’ve been having a lot of dreams with her in them lately.

F.  What?!  You are just telling me this now through our blog and not in person. What kind of dreams?  I want to know everything.  I wish I was having dreams with her in them.  I was thinking about her so much in my meditation last night.  I miss her so much it almost breaks my heart to think about her.  Some of my favorite memories of her today are having her there at Teddy and Kelley’s wedding, making cookies with her around Christmas and basically every phone call I have ever had with her.  I wish so badly I could call her.

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