What Phases You?

Sorry fellas; this one is directed to the ladies.  Two weeks ago, one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Gabrielle Bernstein spoke at the TEDxFiDi Women conference in San Francisco.  Gabby’s talk was followed by an amazing lecture by a woman named Alisa Vitti, founder of a New York City based wellness center that helps women all over the world regain hormonal balance.  Alisa spoke about the 4 hormonal stages which women experience throughout the course of every month and how your thoughts and behaviors mirror the hormonal pattern of your body.  In some ways you are a different person from week to week.  Understanding how these phases work, and how to capitalize on them, can bring a state of balance and harmony to your life.  I find this information so fascinating and have been very conscious of it in my own life since I learned about it.

Here is a quick summary of the holistic nature of your 4 hormonal stages:

Follicular Phase – This is an exciting phase! You have the most access to creative energy than at any other point of the month. It is a great time to begin projects, mastermind, make plans and dream big.

Ovulatory Phase – This is the stage at which you have the best ability to communicate and at which you have the most energy.  It’s a great time to have important conversations and go after what you want.

Luteal Phase – During the luteal phase, you tend to pay more attention to detail. This is the time to organize your closet, your calendar and your life.

Menstrual Phase –  This phase involves the most communication between the right and left sides of your brain.  It is the time to evaluate your life! You are most aware of gut feelings and receptive to the messages from the body during this time.

Watch the whole talk below.
  1. Fleur said:

    “Follicular” phase.

    I enjoyed her comments too!

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