Liz Christy Garden


It was incredibly gorgeous when I woke up on Saturday morning so decided to get a cup of coffee and go and spend time in one of my favorite neighborhood spots: the Liz Christy Garden.  This long and narrow community garden runs the length of the avenue on Houston Street between Second Ave. and Bowery St.  Living in Manhattan, it can be easy to feel removed from nature and green space; but this well-loved and beautifully gardened land reminds me that it doesn’t take much to reconnect.  Life lately, along with season, has been in constant duality.  The garden this weekend was a mixture of summer and fall and though we’re not quite fully in either, the days of late have been spectacular.  It’s bonus season and I hope you’re enjoying its spelndor!

IMG_3272IMG_3407IMG_3391IMG_3400IMG_3404IMG_3304 IMG_3411IMG_3296IMG_3385IMG_3276IMG_3415

[posted by Lauren]

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