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During the past couple of weeks I have delved pretty deeply into some serious research on hormones and all the wonderful and intricate things that entails.  One very major take away that has stuck with me is that your emotional life GREATLY affects your hormones and menstrual cycle.  As an example, perhaps you are feeling a creative block or stagnation in your life; it is possible that you might be having increased PMS or trouble conceiving.  Another example is that you are feeling too much pressure at work to be more masculine, pressure to be a good mother, spouse, friend or employee, etc. that you develop irregular periods or extreme fatigue.  Now on the surface this all seems to make sense but sometimes we want such a clinical explanation for what we experience that we do not always check in with ourselves about the blocks in our lives.  I find this perspective exciting and relieving because it means what I do can really change my life and my health!  Isn’t that super sweet?!  Being a woman is such an amazing journey and as I get older I am trying to embrace it instead of feel ashamed of it.  If you are experiencing low libido, irregular periods, PMS or menopause I have two wonderful book recommendations for you. Women Code and Woman’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.  Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

I have also written about this topic before in one of my favorite posts here: What Phases You?

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