Eight Limbs

It had been awhile since I’d gone to a yoga class.  It wasn’t until I saw The Yoga Barn in Bali that I felt a deep desire to go. Yoga Barn is the type of place you could only dream of. There are little bungalows, endless class offerings, a cafe overlooking the outdoor yoga studios and a spa — all with a jungle vibe in the middle of rice paddy fields.

In the class I went to, the  teacher was talking to us about the eight limbs of yoga, the first of which is ahimsa – the practice of non-violence.  I thought to myself, “I can start with that.  Being kind to myself and others – causing no harm. That should be easy.”

Suddenly, I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek and slapped it.  I looked at my hand and it was covered with the guts of a huge bug. I started to laugh hysterically.  The only thing that would have completed the moment was if I looked to my right and my sister was there laughing with me.

(image found here)

  1. amber said:

    Hey hey hey you beautiful creature!!! This is Amber from Gili T of tremendous mosque musicals. Think of you often and super nice to have finally found your blog. I must say; very fun! find me, email me… ambermae18@yahoo.ca:):):):):) Enjoy the rest of your journies love!!! And see you somewhere in this wonderful place!

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