I am not sure if it is the full moon or what but I have been on the verge of feeling really burnt out. I have felt this way before and this time I am vowing to stop it before it starts. After reading articles like this one and this one I have really come to realize how important it is to stop it before it gets any worse. I can tell that I am not fully there yet, but I know if I take the right steps I will be on my way to enjoying the summer with relaxed vibes. So I am pledging to:

Drink more water

Reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if anything is perfect

Don’t stress myself out over silly things

Spend more time near the water

Use technology less

Read more

Meditate in the AM

Wind down before bed

Take B12

Eat more snacks

I will be checking in with you again about this and hope I am just full of energy and looking back on this post with relief. Here is hoping!

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