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1) Writing Your Own Biography Might Be Critical to Your Success (via Business Insider)  Seems like a worthwhile exercise; even if only to think about.  -Lauren

2) Jimmy Kimmel Shows Cleveland Cavaliers fans (via Jimmy Kimmel) This video is really funny but part of me feels bad for even sharing it.  -Farrell

3) July 1970: Harlem, full of life (via Mashable) Fantastic photo series taken by photographer Jack Garofalo 45 years ago in Harlem.  -Lauren

4) Toxic Shock (via Vice) One of my co-workers shared this aritlce this week and it is really horrifying and I felt like I should share the message. -Farrell

5) Martin Wehmer (via Miss Moss) The texture of the portraits is incredible.  I can’t believe how well it translates to the screen.  -Lauren

6) 5 Yoga Poses to Help Alleviate Anxiety (via Mind Body Green)  Feeling anxious during the work week? These are some awesome and quick poses to help you throughout the day. -Farrell

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Today, tomorrow and Thursday, The Disco Emporium will be holding a sidewalk sale at a miLES pop-up space on New York’s Lower East Side.  If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and check out the summer vintage collection!


Tuesday, June 16th 3-9pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 3-9pm
Thursday, June 18th, 5-9 pm


103 Allen Street
(between Delancey and Broome)


About the space

miLES_Logo_110px1miLES is a civic startup, comprised of designers, architects, event producers, social entrepreneurs and real estate professionals committed to activating urban neighborhoods as canvases for pop-up entrepreneurship.  Help miLES win a $100K  Mission Main Street grant to scale their model beyond the LES by casting your vote here.


Sunny and 61 degrees (heading toward 80 degrees by noon) in Lakewood, Ohio.  The lake is calm but moving.  There is an explosion of chipmunks in the area and they dart out from under a bush, sometimes chasing another across the back patio.  The air is thick and the midges are caked to every window screen in the house.  The depth of the backyard has shortened significantly from when I was a child and when you look over the fence you can see tree roots that hung on despite the erosion.  There’s a dog barking down the street and birds chirping in the tress, and my fingers typing on these keys.  And other than that, it is quiet and beautiful.

IMG_9427 IMG_9424




My mom arrived in NYC last night. We’re driving back to Cleveland tomorrow – just in time for the first Cavs vs Warriors game!  It’s a beautiful day in the city, after some chilly rain earlier in the week, and we’re heading into Manhattan to get a reflexology massage at the best place in Chinatown, have some lunch and hopefully hit up the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Chelsea.  See ya on the flip side!


photo 2 (30)

WEARING a FitBit for my works month long fitness challenge. Here’s to me winning!

LISTENING This American Life’s episode on Americans living in China. It is taking me back to the good ole days.

FEELING really excited to go back home for a couple of weeks.

photo 1 (28)

WAITING to pick up our mom from the airport this afternoon for a little city time together before heading back to Cleveland.

SEEKING a subletter for my NYC apartment.  Let me know if you have any leads!

HOPING the photos @shoesofnyc took of my feet over the weekend make it to their feed; but either way loving the photos on this account!


When I was in New Orleans the weekend before last we got out of the city one day and headed down to the Bayou for a swamp tour.  The whole experience far exceeded my expectations.  Our guide began spending time in the swamp when he was eight years old and was a true alligator hunter/preservationist.  He played with the alligators like they were dogs, luring them over with food (marshmallows!) and kissing them on the head.  He even surprised us toward the end of the tour by pulling a baby alligator out of a cooler that was on the boat and letting everyone have a chance at holding it.  If you’re ever in the area, I’d highly recommend seeing it for yourself!



F: Who is your favorite character in Mad Men and why?

L: Can Don and Betty count as one character?!  I haven’t watched any of this final half-season and have heard almost nothing about it.  I can’t wait for the seven or so hours I have ahead of me.

F: What is the best meal that you have had in NYC since you have been back?

L: Dad and I went to dinner in the Marlton Hotel on Tuesday night and I had a delicious Atlantic char.  I was really craving fish and it was so good.

F: What are two goals that you are working towards this year?

L: I’m working towards some financial goals and to release guilt.

F: If you could make a living doing anything at all, what would it be?

L: Doing whatever I wanted to be doing that day.

F: Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert?

L: I’d consider myself to be an extroverted introvert; I fall right on the cusp.



1) Dear Ones: A Letter from Elizabeth Gilbert (via Facebook) This letter stuck with me this week and I thought others might find it striking. –Farrell

2) How Some Men Fake an 80-Hour Workweek, and Why It Matters (via NYTimes)  The topic of hours per week worked came up in multiple conversations I had with friends yesterday.  To ask first or apologize later, that is the question.  -Lauren

3) Young Couple Aged with Make-Up (via Bored Panda) I have been talking about this video all week with people who have seen it. The common consensus is that it is emotional and sweet. Watch it. –Farrell

4) How to Stop Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth (via LifeHacker) has me embarrassingly practicing the ‘screaming stretch’ all around town!  -Lauren

5) Michael Singer on Oprah (via Oprah) This author wrote the book that I am currently reading call The Untethered Soul. I like what he discusses in this video and have made a pact to myself to notice my thorns. –Farrell

6) The Best Summer Hats (via loveTaza) I want them all!  -Lauren


every so often I revisit this Andrew Bird album. there is a lot of music I once loved but don’t like to listen to very often anymore because it pulls me too far into the past. I love this body of music by Bird so much I keep bringing it back; and now it is a part of so many times. including today.  back in New York riding on the train.



I’m a Bird


Before the power goes out, find the house. There’s something there inside that will be useful to you in the dawn.

Don’t let yourself continue to sleep so long; repeat the lyrics to your favorite song. Prepare for flight (an obvious rhyme about casting light). Prepare for snow, you’re always cold. Where to go and how and why. How those birds flap freely in the sky! Untethered ends

Decorum serves order, simply sung. Don’t you know you’re not the only one? Whistling wands create the sun. Slow it down. The final plucks.

First voice heard. humming sweetly starting over | second city of light.

Spring will come, ray by ray. Bask in brightness, beat your drum. Summer clouds turn into storms. Bird songs dizzy winding down.

[Repost from Dec ’13}



1) Monster Rally (via Singles Club) is an awesome feature on our brother, Teddy, and the music he makes.  There is also a section written by our sister-in-law, Kelley, about their day to day live running Valley Cruise Press.  If you’re in NYC, don’t miss the Monster Rally show in Brooklyn on Friday night.  -Lauren

2) Why Sitting is Bad for You (via TedEd) We have tons of standing desks at work, but I just can concentrate when I stand and work. After watching this, I am going to pledge to stand more. –Farrell

3) 12hrs Goes to France (via 12hrs) Check out these gorgeous city guides for Marseille, Lyon and Avignon.  They’re making me want to book a trip tout suite!  -Lauren

4) No Labels, No Drama Right? (via New York Times) I liked reading this story about modern love. It’s a funny insight into our generation and the way we view love. –Farrell

5) Five Steps to Digital Hygiene (via Seth Godin) I’ve done something close to #1 by keeping my phone on silent at all times and really like the change (and quiet).

6) Five Powerful Rules for Women Entrepreneur to Live By (via Entrepreneur) I have a lot of female friends who are starting their own businesses and this article reminded me of them. –Farrell

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