Pass It On



1) Monster Rally (via Singles Club) is an awesome feature on our brother, Teddy, and the music he makes.  There is also a section written by our sister-in-law, Kelley, about their day to day live running Valley Cruise Press.  If you’re in NYC, don’t miss the Monster Rally show in Brooklyn on Friday night.  -Lauren

2) Why Sitting is Bad for You (via TedEd) We have tons of standing desks at work, but I just can concentrate when I stand and work. After watching this, I am going to pledge to stand more. –Farrell

3) 12hrs Goes to France (via 12hrs) Check out these gorgeous city guides for Marseille, Lyon and Avignon.  They’re making me want to book a trip tout suite!  -Lauren

4) No Labels, No Drama Right? (via New York Times) I liked reading this story about modern love. It’s a funny insight into our generation and the way we view love. –Farrell

5) Five Steps to Digital Hygiene (via Seth Godin) I’ve done something close to #1 by keeping my phone on silent at all times and really like the change (and quiet).

6) Five Powerful Rules for Women Entrepreneur to Live By (via Entrepreneur) I have a lot of female friends who are starting their own businesses and this article reminded me of them. –Farrell

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